Touch 'n Go Cashless Parking

Touch 'n Go Cashless Parking Featured

  • Location: Atria Parking
  • Start: Tuesday, 01 September 2020
  • Contact: 03-7733 5156

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Faster, Easier, Safer

Say goodbye to queing at ticketing machines, fiddling for loose change, and roaming empty carparks in search for the autopay kiosk. Just park and Touch 'n Go. 

Effective from 1st Sep 2020. No surcharge. 

Minimum RM10 cash balance required to enter the parking. Please ensure your balance is sufficient before leaving. 


Reload conveniently at: 

Caring Pharmacy, Lot C02, Lot C13A

POS Malaysia, Lot C33

Watsons, Lot G23


T&Cs apply. 

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