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Fact 1: There are over 50 million people around the world living with dementia

Fact 2: Someone in the world develops dementia every 3 seconds.

Fact 3: The number of people living with dementia is predicted to triple, rising to 152 million by 2050.

The “Remember Me” purple ribbon is produced Atria Shopping Gallery, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM) a tax exempt NGO, as a fundraising campaign in conjunction with the World Alzheimer’s Month 2020. Through this ribbon, ADFM hopes to raise dementia awareness and challenge social stigma associated with the disease. Production of the ribbon is sponsored by OSK Foundation. The funds raised from the sale of the ribbon will go towards supporting ADFM’s advocacy, dementia support and public awareness activities. Every purchase of this ribbon will be issued a tax exempt receipt.


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September is World Alzheimer’s Month, an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge dementia stigma. Each year, more and more countries are participating in World Alzheimer’s Month events and awareness of dementia is growing, but there is still more to do.

This year, Alzheimer's Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM) continues its partnership with Atria Shopping Gallery (Atria) & OSK Foundation to celebrate the World Alzheimer’s Month (WAM) 2020 in Malaysia from 12-13 September 2020 with a series of advocacy, awareness and information provision events, as well as a fund-raising campaign to fight social stigma that surrounds dementia and rally public support against the disease.

“Dementia is a devastating disease impacting persons with the disease, and their families who carry the physical, emotional and psychological burden of caring for them. With this year’s WAM2020, we hope to keep the conversation going about the importance of understanding this disease, and encouraging organisations to establish dementia-friendly approaches and implement simple activities to help persons with dementia.”

“Through WAM2020 and the support activities that we carry out throughout the year, ADFM continuously advocates change towards developing a dementia-friendly community, and ultimately a society that sees dementia as a disease, and not as part of normal ageing,” said ADFM Hononourary Chairman Datuk Dr Yim Khai Kee.

WAM2020 campaign highlights in Atria:
• Dementia Awareness Talks;
• Healthy Exercises;
• Free Health Screening;
• Exhibition Booths, and more.

“Official statistics from Alzheimer’s Disease International show that globally, two out of every three people believe there is little or no understanding of dementia in their countries – and this needs to change. The first step to fighting the disease is creating a dementia-friendly environment promotes awareness, early detection and diagnosis of dementia, and provide the right support to both the patients and their caregivers. OSK Foundation is proud to continue our work with ADFM and Atria this year, as part of our mission to create sustainable change in the society,” said OSK Foundation CEO Cheryl Ong.

This year’s World Alzheimer’s Month 2020 campaign theme:
“Let’s Talk About Dementia”

The theme for this year’s World Alzheimer’s Month campaign builds on the theme from 2019: “Let’s talk about dementia”. The impact of World Alzheimer's Month is growing, but the stigmatisation and misinformation that surrounds dementia remains a global problem that requires global action.

Due to low awareness and social stigma among Malaysians, advocacy and raising public awareness are of utmost importance.

“A dementia-friendly community means inclusion. This is important. There is a need to engage and include persons with dementia (“PWD”) in community activities, rather than only allowing them to participate in certain activities. In this respect, Atria believes in providing PWD the opportunity to remain socially active and mentally engaged not only within their homes and their communities, but also going out to enjoy themselves like visiting a mall, and lead more fulfilling lives,” said Abby Choo Chyau Moy, General Manager, Centre Management, Atria Shopping Gallery.

“When this collaboration first initiated in September 2017, we introduced the Atria-ADFM Community Corner (“AACC”) located on the 3rd floor of Atria. To-date, we have received an overwhelming response from the public to be part of AACC as an extension of ADFM’s network of dementia care centres in Malaysia. Through AACC, caregivers and members of the public get to learn about dementia, the importance of early detection and diagnosis of the disease, and how to manage the multiple facets of dementia.

“As a family mall in Damansara Jaya, we take pride in playing our role to promote enriching life experiences for our community. Though those with Alzheimer’s might forget us, but we as a society should not forget them.” Abby continued.

This year, WAM2020 aims to raise the awareness of dementia among the public by designing a line of informative and educative seminars, talks and healthy exercises activities to create dialog, awareness and understanding about dementia. By participating in the campaign, shoppers will learn more about dementia, its symptoms and how we can support PWD to live purposeful and meaningful lives.

One of the campaign highlights is the fundraising “Ribbon Remember Me” campaign. The campaign encourages the public to adopt a Purple Ribbon Pin with a message “Remember Me” at RM10 each, and RM200 for a box of 25 ribbons.

This meaningful campaign encourages Malaysian to stand up and be an Ambassador of a Dementia-Friendly Society. Wear “Ribbon Remember Me” to show that you care about your love ones or someone you know who is diagnosed with dementia.

All proceeds from the sale of the ribbons will be donated to ADFM to enable them to continue to provide support for caregivers and PWD. Shoppers who wish to take part in this meaningful fundraising campaign can purchase the pin by logging on HERE

Shoppers may also visit AACC – on the 3rd floor of Atria Shopping Gallery if you are interested to find out more information about this disease and how you may contribute to the community. AACC is a community collaboration between Atria and ADFM that actively organises caregiving and social activities for PWD and caregivers.


Adopt The Purple Ribbon Now!

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